Dandelion Revisited


It is dandelion time again – our neighborhood is full of those golden orbs of pollen and nectar. On sunny days, my three-year-old daughter is busy picking bouquets, which she proudly arranges on her bedside table. We have been mixing up dandelion flower fritters and biscuits. This year I am experimenting with wheat free and whole wheat versions. I must say that my favorite thus far is the half whole wheat flour half white flour biscuits. They will convince even the most skeptical that wild foods are worth the effort.

I have been also been making dandelion bud pickles with different types of vinegar and spices. The combination of balsamic and white wine vinegar with a little maple syrup provides perfect balance with the floral and bitter taste of the buds. For a full post on dandelion with these base recipes click here.dandelionbudpickles